Information for Job Seekers

Working with the Himmelfarb Group

In an effort to help make the search process more fair and efficient for everyone, we offer the following answers to questions frequently asked by candidates.

How do I find out the application deadline for a certain search?

We do not have application deadlines; we accept candidate materials throughout a search.  We recommend, however, that you send your materials as soon as possible after you decide you wish to become a candidate.  The date by which we anticipate completing a search (i.e., the date by which a selection will be made) appears at the bottom of the position announcement.  Position announcements remain on our website until the search is concluded.  As long as the position remains posted, you can send your materials.

What if I have questions about the position?

We suggest that you review carefully the position announcement and our client’s website.  If you still have specific questions, we are happy to try to answer them by phone or by e-mail.

If my experience doesn’t match each qualification for the position, should I apply?

Our position announcements represent our best effort to describe succinctly what kind of candidates our clients seek.  In general, the more closely your experience matches the qualifications, the more likely it is that your candidacy will receive serious consideration.  It is often the case, however, that not every candidate–even the successful candidate–will meet all those qualifications.  We encourage you to send your materials if the position intrigues you and if you believe your experience is a good fit.  If there are obvious discrepancies between your experience and the desired qualifications, make the best possible case for your candidacy in your cover letter.

May I call to confirm that you’ve received my materials?  And, once I become a candidate, may I call to check on my status?

We verify by email that we have received your materials within about two weeks of their arrival.  If you haven’t heard from us within two weeks, please do feel free to call us to follow up.  Until a decision is made in a search, we do not divulge any information about a candidate’s current status, either to the candidates themselves or to anyone outside our client’s decision-making team.  For that reason, we will not be able to give you additional information about your candidacy and request that you do not call to check on your status.  Please be assured that you will hear from us when there is anything to report or if we have any questions for you. We do encourage you to call us if your situation changes, especially if you move or if you get a new job or a job offer.

Is it a good idea to contact the client organization directly regarding my interest in a position?

In general, we suggest that you not contact a client organization directly.  Organizations hire our firm to manage their searches in part to reduce the time and effort their staff must invest in a search.  You may rest assured that your name and credentials will be presented; we share information about each candidate with our clients.

Will you notify me when the search is over?

At the conclusion of a search, we write to all candidates to let them know that the search has been completed and to let them know who was selected for the position.  We try to give enough information about the successful candidate so that those who were not selected will understand our client’s choice.

May I call you for advice on preparing my materials or for feedback on my materials during or after a search?

If you have specific questions about a position, we welcome your call; however, we do not coach prospective candidates on how best to present themselves.  Similarly, we do not critique résumés or letters during or after a search.  We encourage you to contact a career counselor for help fine-tuning your materials.

I’m just beginning a job search, may I send you my resume?

If you are looking for a senior, leadership position in a not-for-profit organization or a foundation, we will be happy to have your résumé.  It’s helpful if you include a cover letter letting us know what types of positions and organizations interest you most.  We hope you understand that, because of the volume of such résumés we receive, we cannot acknowledge their receipt.